Monday, July 12, 2010

Crying During Movies

Crying doesn't solve any problems and no one likes to see someone cry but sometimes it's necessary because crying is like leaking out emotional toxins.

You will not see me in tears as I do not like to cry (alone or with an audience). There are circumstances where I can crumble (i.e. if you can catch me at my most emotionally vulnerable point and comfort me I do break down haha) but it's not often or likely. However I can confidently say that if you've been to a heartbreakingly good or bad movie with me you will have caught me crying. Today I can sum up why.

I am definitely one to shed tears during movies, shows, and also books. The beauty of it all is that I can cry for someone else other than myself. I'd rather use my tears for compassion and sympathy for others than for myself. I've done my part of crying during my childhood and teenage years and I think I've reached a point sometime shortly after that I don't like it. I will be honest there are exceptions but mostly crying for myself must makes me feel like crap. I feel sorry for myself and am pushed further into despair. I would much rather share the joys and sorrows of the characters and guess what? I feel better.

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