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dreams 11/3/10

ok i had really odd dreams

1. My friend and her daughter got in a car accident and died

To dream of a car accident, symbolizes your emotional state. You may be harboring deep anxieties and fears. Are you "driving" yourself too hard? This dream may tell you to slow down before you hit disaster. You need to rethink or re-plan your course of actions and set yourself on a better path.

To dream about the death of a loved one, suggests that you are lacking a certain aspect or quality that the loved one embodies. Ask yourself what makes this person special or what you like about them. It is that very quality that you are lacking in your own relationship or circumstances. Alternatively, the dream indicates that whatever that person represents has no part in your own life anymore.

To dream that you are crying, signifies a release of negative emotions that is more likely caused by some waking situation rather than the events of the dream itself. Your dream is a way to regain some emotional balance and to safely let out your fears and frustrations. In your daily lives, you tend to ignore, deny, or repress your feelings. But in your dream state, your defense mechanisms are no longer on guard and thus allow for the release of those feelings that you have repressed during the day.

2. My childhood turtle was still alive but not taken care of so i gave him new water and washed him off. He was so happy to see me and cleaned up like new

To see a turtle in your dream, symbolizes wisdom, faithfulness, longevity, and loyalty. It also suggests that you need to take it slow in some situation or relationship in your life. With time and patience, you will make steady progress. Alternatively, a turtle indicates that you are sheltering yourself from the realities of life. You are putting forth a hard exterior and not letting others in. As a result, you are feeling withdrawn.

To dream that you feel guilty about something, relates to how you are handling your successes and failures or competence and incompetence. You may feel undeserving of your achievements. Or on the other hand, you feel that you have let others down. Alternatively, the dream is symbolic of repressed and negative feelings that you may have about yourself.

To see a smiley face in your dream, symbolizes approval and validation of your actions. The dream symbol is providing you with reassurance that you are on the right track.

To see water in your dream, symbolizes your unconscious and your emotional state of mind. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. It is also symbolic of spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment. To dream that water is boiling, suggests that you are expressing some emotional turmoil. Feelings from your unconscious are surfacing and ready to be acknowledged. You need to let out some steam. To see calm, clear water in your dream, means that you are in tune with your spirituality. It denotes serenity, peace of mind, and rejuvenation.

To see muddy or dirty water in your dream, indicates that you are wallowing in your negative emotions. You may need to take some time to cleanse your mind and find internal peace. Alternatively, the dream suggests that your thinking/judgment is unclear and clouded. If you are immersed in muddy water, then it indicates that you are in over your head in a situation and are overwhelmed by your emotions. To dream that water is rising up in your house, suggests that you are becoming overwhelmed by your emotions.

To hear running water in your dream, denotes meditation and reflection. You are reflecting on your thoughts and emotions.

3. I had no where to get ready so i broke into our old apartment, cleaned myself up, brushed my teeth and hair, washed my face, was about to put on makeup, but got caught by the landlord

To dream that you are washing yourself, indicates that you are proud of your social life and personal endeavors. You may even receive some recognition and prestige. Alternatively, the dream represents the cleansing away of unhappy experiences or neglected emotions in your life. You are ready to make a fresh new start.

To see or use a toothbrush in your dream, suggests that you are feeling defensive about any criticism directed towards you. You are putting up a shield or barrier to protect yourself from potential hurt. Alternatively, the dream means that you are preoccupied with your appearance and are worried about how others perceive you.

To dream that you are brushing your hair, suggests your need to organize and sort your thoughts. You need to search for some elements that are not clear. Brushing you hair may also highlight your preoccupation with appearances and beauty over substance and quality.

To dream that you are applying makeup, suggests that you are trying to cover up or conceal an aspect of yourself. Alternatively, it indicates that you are putting on your best face forward. You are trying to enhance your self-image and increase your sense of self-confidence. The dream may also be a metaphor that you need to "make up" with someone. It is time to forgive and forget.

To dream about an apartment, symbolizes a financial or situational state. To dream of a large, lavish apartment, indicates an increase to your financial situation or an improvement to your family life. To dream of a shabby and dark apartment, indicates misfortune and possible loss.

To dream of a discovery, indicates that you are a entering a new phase of life or a new phase of personal development. Alternatively, the dream suggests you have uncovered an aspect of yourself which is significant to your waking life.

To dream that you have been ambushed, forewarns of a danger lurking near you. Your situation has taken an unanticipated turn for the worse. You have been prevented from reaching your goals or destination.

To dream that you are hiding, suggests that you are keeping some secret or withholding some information. You may not be facing up to a situation or dealing with some issue. However, you may be getting ready to reveal something and confess before somebody finds out. In particular, to dream that you are hiding from some authority figure (police, parent, teacher...), implies feelings of guilt.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


#430 10/20/2010 LOSING WATER WEIGHT
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I have gained and lost the same 10 pounds so many times over and over again my cellulite must have déjà vu.

Jane Wagner

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Could Those Extra Pounds Be Water Weight? Lose 'Em Fast!

By Debra Pivko

Ever wonder how you gained 5 pounds overnight—even when you're cutting calories? The usual culprit is water weight.

Woman in Too-Big Jeans

If your stomach feels bloated, your face looks puffy, or your hands and feet swell, it's likely that your body is retaining water. And this may show up on the scale as a few extra pounds. Not fun.

Here's why it happens. Your body is constantly trying to rid itself of the salt you consume. When it can't purge all the extra salt, your tissues react by holding on to water, so the ratio of salt to water is always at a safe level.

But if you want to determine your real weight, see how close you are to your fitness goals, and button up those old jeans with ease, follow these quick tips to lose the extra water weight—fast.

Drink more water.

Woman with Bottle of WaterIt may seem counterintuitive, but not drinking enough water every day can actually make you retain more water! Dehydration causes your body to go into panic mode, and it'll hold on to water the next time you take a drink. Diuretics like alcohol, tea, and caffeinated soda can actually have a dehydrating effect on your body since they flush water out of your system.

What to do? Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water each day so your body will maintain its fluid balance, and you won't gain those extra pounds. Water is the best diuretic you can give your body and it's all natural, and usually free! If looking thinner and feeling less bloated isn't enough motivation, here's some more. Drinking water before each meal has been shown to help promote weight loss and even to help keep your skin healthy, which is particularly useful if you don't want your skin to sag once you lose weight.

So keep a water bottle at your desk, send yourself "drink water" reminders if you have to, track your water intake for motivation, or do whatever it takes to remember to drink enough water. The extra hydration will prevent those false pounds from showing up on the scale.

Sweat it out with exercise.

When you sit in one place for a long period of time, your circulation slows down and your body can begin to swell. Exercise promotes blood flow and circulation (not to mention sweating). So when you get in some serious cardio, you'll literally sweat out excess fluids and pounds. Make sure to get your daily exercise to help rid your body of water weight.

Chalene JohnsonThe exercise program that leaves my workout clothes most drenched in sweat would have to be Chalene Johnson's TurboFire®. When I eat too much salt or just too much food and feel extra bloated, Chalene's latest program is my savior that helps me get my stomach looking flat, fast. I just pop one of the high-intensity interval training or cardio kickboxing discs in the DVD player to work up a serious sweat and burn major calories. I think it's the awesome music remixes that keep me going through the intense cardio conditioning. After big holiday meals, like the annual Thanksgiving feast for example, I can expect to find my coworkers ready for some TurboFire to fire up our weight loss and sweat it all out.

Limit the sodium in your diet.

To give your body a break from retaining water and working hard to eliminate sodium in the first place, try to keep your sodium intake to less than 2,300 milligrams per day and avoid adding salt to foods.

Watch out for sneaky salt in boxed or packaged foods by reading nutrition labels carefully. Some of the foods where sodium is often hidden are canned soups, fast foods, pickled foods, processed/deli meats, cheeses, frozen meals, and soy sauce. Make sure to look for labels that say "reduced sodium" or "sodium free." You may also want to choose fresh vegetables over canned. While canned veggies can be a handy substitute for fresh, they're typically laden with preservatives or sauces and seasonings that add extra sodium. A cup of canned cream-style corn, for example, contains 730 milligrams of sodium.

Also, food at restaurants and fast food establishments often contains high amounts of sodium. Eliminate all table salt and try using pepper or other spices on your food instead. Or, maybe try nothing and remind yourself what the food actually tastes like.

Another great way to keep track of your sodium intake is by getting your own customized nutrition plan with Team Beachbody's My Meal Planner. It's an awesome new benefit of the Team Beachbody® Club membership. You'll get a week's worth of recipes that include low-sodium options, or you can modify and make substitutions to the recipes for even lower sodium options. I use it to track my progress throughout the week so I know all my nutrition stats. You can even use the food analyzer to search any food and get the nutrition information for it. I'm obsessed.

Beachbody® Whey Protein PowderEat more protein.

Deficiencies in protein, along with vitamins B1, B5, and B6, can lead to water retention as these nutrients assist with fluid balance functioning. Some good sources of these nutrients include lean beef, legumes, and low-fat dairy products. You should try to eat two to three appropriate portions of lean protein per day.

Don't starve yourself.

Undereating can also cause you to gain water weight. Eating fewer than 1,200 calories a day may cause your body to retain water and, ironically enough, cause you to gain more weight.

Limit your sugar intake.

Having too much sugar in your body can cause your insulin levels to rise. High levels of insulin may make it harder for your body to get rid of sodium, which in turn causes water weight gain.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fresh fruits and vegetables—especially those naturally rich in water, such as watermelon, onions, celery, and cucumbers—can make you urinate more frequently, reducing water retention. Fruits and vegetables also provide ample sources of potassium, which assists with fluid balance within body cells. I love going to the farmers' market on Sundays and picking up fresh fruits and veggies, but let's face it—making constant trips to buy fresh produce doesn't always fit into my lifestyle. Thank goodness for Shakeology®. It's an easy way to get my fruits and veggies without having to set up shop in the produce section of the market. And that way, my veggies come in the form of a delicious chocolate-flavored treat. I sometimes toss a mini banana into my shake for some extra potassium, which also helps discourage water retention and keeps my muscles from cramping up during workouts.

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Dreams 10/18/2010

To dream that you are in a restaurant, suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed by decisions and choices that you need to make in your life. Alternatively, it indicates that you are seeking for emotional nourishment outside of your social support system.

To see a closet in your dream, symbolizes something in your life that you have kept hidden. It may also signify an unveiling of previously hidden aspects of yourself, as in "coming out of the closet".

To see a wardrobe in your dream, represents a transitional period or phase in your life. Alternatively, the dream may highlight issues with your self-image and how you portray yourself to the outside world.

To see a squirrel in your dream, indicates that you are involved in a loveless, pointless relationship or an unprofitable business project. You are pursuing empty and fruitless endeavors. Alternatively, seeing a squirrel in your dream, suggests that you are hoarding something. You are holding on to too much and need to learn to let go. On the other hand, a squirrel means that you need to reserve your time and energy.

To dream that you are trying to run over squirrels with a lawn mower, suggest that you are trying to change your beliefs and alter your ideas in order to conform to others. You are looking for some form of acceptance.

To dream that you are feeding a squirrel, denotes that comfort will come about through hard work, diligence and prudence.

To receive a warning in your dream, indicates that something in your waking life is in need of your attention. The dream may serve to make you stop and rethink the consequences of your action or decision.

To dream that you are warning someone, suggests that you need to recognize the dangers or negatives of some situation. You need to bring this to the surface.

To dream that you are defending yourself, suggests an underlying hurt. It may parallel a waking life situation where you are being put on the defensive.

To dream that you are protecting someone or something, suggests that you are putting up an emotional wall or barrier between you and others around you. Consider who or what you are protecting for clues as to what aspect of your own self you are afraid of letting out and letting others know.

To dream that you are in a fight, indicates inner turmoil. Some aspect of yourself is in conflict with another aspect of yourself. Perhaps an unresolved or unacknowledged part is fighting for its right to be heard. It may also parallel a fight or struggle that you are going through in your waking life.

To dream that you are punching someone or something, represents hidden anger and aggression. It may also be a symbol of power and your ability to draw strength from within yourself.

To dream that you hit something or someone, is symbolic of unexpressed anger and aggression. You tend to keep your negative feelings inside instead of expressing them in a healthy way.

To dream that you attack someone, represents pent-up frustration and anger. You feel that you have been wronged. Your dream serves as an easy and safe way to express your anger.

To dream that you are being attacked by someone, indicates your character is being questioned. You feel the need to defend yourself. You are feeling stressed, vulnerable and helpless. You may also be facing with difficult changes in your waking life. Dreaming of an attack provides a way for you to confront these situations that you may be avoiding in real life.

To see your stepmother in your dream, suggests that you are trying to cope with a mothering figure in your life. You are either feeling smothered or neglected. If you do not have a stepmother in real life, then the dream may represent some unresolved issues and tension with your actual mother. Or the dream could be a pun that you or someone is "stepping" all over your mother. Show her some appreciation and compassion for all the work that she does.

To see your mother in your dream, represents the nurturing aspect of your own character. Mothers offer shelter, comfort, life, guidance and protection. Some people may have problems freeing themselves from their mothers and are thus seeking their own individuality and development.

To see your parents in your dream, symbolize both power, shelter, and love. You may be expressing your concerns and worries about your own parents. Alternatively, it represents the merging of the female and male aspects of your character.

To see your father in your dream, symbolizes authority and protection. It suggests that you need to be more self-reliant. Consider also your waking relationship with your father and how aspects of his character may be incorporated within yourself.

To dream that you are hitting your father, represents a desperate need for greater closeness with your father. You feel that he is not listening to you.

To see a photograph in your dream, indicates that there is a relationship that needs your attention. You are not looking deep enough into the problem. Alternatively, the dream means that you are clinging on to the past or to some false hope. Consider who or what is on the photo. The image may be trying to take you back to a particular moment in time.

To dream that you win at something, indicates that you will succeed in some task. You are experiencing new found confidence in your abilities. The dream may serve to offer you encouragement and motivation. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes a sexual conquest.

To dream that you are pushing something, symbolizes energy, effort, encouragement and motivation. You have a new drive to succeed in life. Consider also how you or someone in your life may be a "pushover".

To dream that you are pushed or being pushed, suggests that you are being coerced into doing something. You are facing a lot of pressure. Alternatively, the dream implies that you do not have enough time to complete a task. You strive for perfection.

To dream that you are pulling something, refers to your burdens and struggles. You have difficulties accomplishing your tasks and goals. You need to unload and/or let go some of your responsibilities. Perhaps it is a relationship that you need to let go of. Consider also what or who you are pulling. Alternatively, the dream may be a pun on your "pull" or influence for some favor or decision.

If you are reaching for someone else's hair, then it suggests that you are trying to connect with that person on a spiritual or intellectual level. It also refers to sympathy, protectiveness, and fraternal love.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dreams 10/16/2010

So, I had a dream that there were these two asian girls, one prettier than the other, who me and nick ran into at this really swank, large, glamorous hotel. They were both really nice and friendly and pretty one was a little too friendly with nick. She was talking to both of us at first saying how great of couple we were and how he was so lucky to have me and vice versa but then started talking to nick exclusively and he looks a little uncomfortable or uneasy, almost nervous and guilty.

I'm talking to her (less pretty) friend and I couldn't help but notice her and nick. Nick seemed rather closed off but she was really chatting up a storm with him. Her friend noticed me watching and starts saying stuff like "oh yeah, she does that, she just always wants to test her boundaries and what she can't or can have. I don't get it. If she wasn't my friend I'd smack her on her pretty little head." I said something along the lines of, "yeah, I know girls like that too." Nick looks as if he's

Then, she grabs Nick by the face and presses her whole body onto him and starts kissing him passionately. Here's the kicker: Nick nor I really react like we should!!!! Nick just calmly pushes her away with mild force and tells her "no" as if he was telling storm to get off the couch. He looks at me then distances himself only a couple feet away from her but stays as she looks at him adoringly. I stand there a few seconds, shocked and furious, as her friend is outraged she just did that, "Are you just going to let her get away with that? If that was my husband I wouldn't just stand here like you are now! Aren't you going to do anything?" In a tone that is so calm it surprises me, i say, "No, what's the point? I trust my husband. He'd never cheat on me. She just made a fool of herself." Inside I start to have sneaking suspicions as I don't understand why he isn't walking away from her after the little stunt she pulled, then i get really mad and sad so I walk away half hoping he'll follow, but really, I just don't want to see the sight of them anymore but he stays with her instead of following me. He doesn't even ask or seem to care about how I am feeling. I am hurt of his lack of actions. I don't know, if I were him I'd yell at her, ask her what the hell is wrong with her, try to explain what happened was forced upon, and ditch the inappropriate bitch to be with my spouse. But he does NOTHING.

I do turn back one time to ask her friend one thing, "do they work together?" and she says "no." For some reason this calms me a tiny bit because that means that she won't be constantly interacting with him every day. Nevertheless, I am still furious of what happened and need to remove myself so I make way through elevators, escalators, and lobbies until I get to the restaurant the four of us were going to go together. Standing there for a few minutes, I compose myself and try to digest what the hell is and might be going on. Nick and the two girls arrive. I see them and can't stand the sight of them so without telling them, I just go into the restaurant next door where incidentally someone I know is there. It's a less fancy more quiet and down to earth family restaurant that offers asian food and I decide to join him (Jason). I'm still angry but I want to focus on my company and calming myself so we make small chitchat but then, for some reason I can't stop burping! Not normal burps but the gurgling kind I usually do. I cannot stop! I cover my mouth and even put my head down on the dining table and I even try to cover my head while it's down with my arms but everyone can hear me. I am embarrassed but I start laughing because...well, it was funny! A few others start laughing and chuckling then I feel a bit better.

The scene changes and Nick and I are in a courtroom in front a judge. We are separating or getting a divorce. The pretty asian girl's friend for some reason is there with me. I think we became friends maybe. She mentions what happened that on night out at the hotel and the judge raises an eyebrow at nick. She says, "is this true? why would you do nothing when something like that happened?" I say "it's true" and nick just shrugs. For some odd reason the judge says he could be suffering from a medical condition that may not have allowed him to react appropriately to the situation. She orders he get tested for further judgement.

That's the end of the dream. Below are some of the translations of elements involved by

What do you think of it all? i can't quite figure it out.


To see a hotel in your dream, signifies a new state of mind or a shift in personal identity. You are undergoing some sort of transition and need to move away from your old habits and old way of thinking. You need to temporarily escape from your daily life. Alternatively, the dream may imply a loss in your personal identity.


To see an Asian person in your dream, represents an aspect of your own self that is unknown to you. Additionally, to see an elderly Asian person, represents tradition, wisdom and knowledge.


To dream that your mate, spouse, or significant other is cheating on you, indicates your fears of being abandoned. You may feel a lack of attention in the relationship. Alternatively, you may feel that you are not measuring up to the expectations of others. This notion may stem from issues of trust or self-esteem. The dream could also indicate that you are unconsciously picking up hints and cues that your significant other is not being completely truthful or is not fully committed in the relationship.


To dream that you are ascending in an elevator, represents a rise to status and wealth. You may have risen to a higher level of consciousness and are looking at the world from an elevated viewpoint. If the elevator is moving upward in an out of control fashion or it crashes through the roof, then it indicates that you are being catapulted to a position of power in which you do not yet know how to deal with. You are afraid of the new responsibilities ahead for you. Descending in an elevator, suggests that you are being grounded or coming back down to reality. It also signifies setbacks and misfortunes.

In general, the up and down action of the elevator represents the ups and downs of your life. It also symbolizes emotions and thoughts that are emerging out of and submerging into your subconscious. Alternatively, the dream may have sexual connotations.

To dream that the elevator is out of order or that it is not letting you off, symbolizes that your emotions have gotten out of control. It may be a reflection of your life or your career. You are feeling stuck in some aspect of your life, whether it is your career, relationship, etc.

To dream that the elevator is moving sideways, means that your efforts are counterproductive. You are going nowhere in your work, relationship or other situation.


To see an escalator in your dream, indicates movement between various levels of consciousness. If you are moving up in the escalator, then it suggests that you are addressing and confronting emotional issues. You are moving through your spiritual journey with great progress and ease. If you are going down the escalator, then it implies repression and descent back into your unconscious. You may be experiencing a setback.


To dream that you are in court standing up for charges against you, signifies your struggle with issues of fear and guilt. A situation or circumstance in your life is giving you much distress and worry. You feel that you are being judged in some way and need to defend yourself.


To dream that you are being judged, indicates that you are being put through some test. You are seeking acceptance in order to move forward.


To see a judge in your dream, denotes feelings of guilt. You are afraid of getting caught. Your dream may be helping and guiding you toward making better judgments. Alternatively, a judge indicates your insecurities and concerns of being judged or criticized for your actions. On a more direct note, your dream may indicate that waking disputes be resolved through some legal proceedings.


To dream that you are getting a divorce, indicates that you need to differentiate between things in your life and prioritize them. Perhaps you need to separate yourself from some issue or some aspect of yourself. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you have a fear of separation or fear of being alone. You may be unsatisfied with your present relationship.

Divorce dreams may reflect real-life events and the stress that it brings. You may be wondering if you have made a mistake in some situation or decision Divorce dreams suggest a transitional phase. It is time to change your old habits.


To dream of a separation, suggests that you are experiencing some separation anxiety. You are afraid of feeling unneeded or abandoned. Alternatively, the dream means that you need to looking at an issue more objectively. You need to pull yourself away from a situation and look at it from afar.


To dream that you burp, indicates that your unconscious is informing you that you are going through some changes. You are seeing things differently as you grow older and gain more experience.

To hear a burp in your dream, signifies a breakthrough in your personal struggles. You have overcame barriers and resistance and are no longer being held back.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dreams 10/15/2010

Dream 1: I saw a whole lot of pairs of fish and turtles in separate tanks. The fishes were small but long and red. They were destroying their mates(?). One fish would fight and tear their other apart. It startled me. The turtles were gentle, cute, and friendly. The couples were affectionate and all got along harmoniously. I got to hold one turtle. I loved him.

Dream 2: a wolf/dog got on top of a cow. Just like the sculpture in downtown Kirkland. It was comical. I was chuckling in my sleep.


To see a turtle in your dream, symbolizes wisdom, faithfulness, longevity, and loyalty. It also suggests that you need to take it slow in some situation or relationship in your life. With time and patience, you will make steady progress. Alternatively, a turtle indicates that you are sheltering yourself from the realities of life. You are putting forth a hard exterior and not letting others in. As a result, you are feeling withdrawn.


To see fish swimming in your dream, signifies insights from your unconscious mind. Thus to catch a fish, represents insights which have been brought to the surface. Alternatively, a fish swimming in your dream may symbolize conception. Some women dream of swimming fish when they get pregnant. The fish is also an ancient symbol of Christianity and Christian beliefs. Consider the common phrases "like a cold fish", "fish out of water" or something that is "fishy" about a situation. It may also imply a slippery or elusive situation. Perhaps your dream could be telling you that "there are plenty of other fish in the sea", with regards to some relationship issue.

Fish Tank

To see or clean a fish tank in your dream, indicates how you have full control of your emotions. You keep your feelings in check. If you are watching the fish in the fish tank, then you may feel that your life is going nowhere or that you are going in circles with your life.


To see a cow in your dream, symbolizes your passive and docile nature. You obey others without question. Alternatively, a cow represents maternal instincts or the desire to be cared for. For some cultures, the cow represents divine qualities of fertility, nourishment and motherhood.


To see a wolf in your dream, symbolizes survival, beauty, solitude, mystery, self-confidence and pride. You are able to keep your composure in a variety of social circumstances and blend into any situation with ease and grace. You are also a loner by choice. Negatively, the wolf represents hostility, aggression, or sneakiness. It may reflect an uncontrollable situation or an all-consuming force in your life. This could point to an obsession, an addiction or something that is beyond your control.


To see a dog in your dream, symbolizes intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, and fidelity. The dream suggests that your strong values and good intentions will enable you to go forward in the world and bring you success. The dream dog may also represent someone in your life who exhibits these qualities. Alternatively, to see a dog in your dream, indicates a skill that you may have ignored or forgotten. If the dog is vicious and/or growling, then it indicates some inner conflict within yourself. It may also indicate betrayal and untrustworthiness. If the dog is dead or dying, then it means a loss of a good friend or a deterioration of your instincts. Also consider common notions associated with the word dog, such as loyalty ("man's best friend") and to be "treated like a dog".

Thursday, October 14, 2010

How do you estimate design costs?

How do you estimate design costs?

Saturday, October 9, 2010 10/9/10 says:

To dream that you are losing your hair, denotes that you are concerned with the notion that you are getting older and losing your sex appeal and virility. You are preoccupied with aging and your appearance. Losing your hair also signifies a lack of strength; you do not have the power to succeed in an undertaking. You may be feeling weak and vulnerable.

To dream that you are attending a reunion, suggests that there are feelings from the past which you need to acknowledge and recognize. Or perhaps the dream is highlighting how you have already incorporated the certain aspects or qualities of the people in your dream reunion.

To dream that you forget your name or someone else's name, suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed and burdened. It may also indicate that you have forgotten your true self or your family roots.

To dream that you are lost, suggests that you have lost your direction in life or that you have lost sight of your goals. You may be feeling worried and insecure about the path you are taking in life. If you try to call for help, then it means that you are trying to reach out for support. You are looking for someone to lean on. Alternatively, being lost means that you are still adjusting to a new situation in which the rules and conditions are ever changing.

To see an escalator in your dream, indicates movement between various levels of consciousness. If you are moving up in the escalator, then it suggests that you are addressing and confronting emotional issues. You are moving through your spiritual journey with great progress and ease.

To dream that you are in a classroom, indicates that you are learning an important life lesson. Alternatively, it symbolizes personal growth. You are learning something about yourself.

To dream that you are at a crossroads, symbolize an important decision that you need to make. You have come to a point in your life where you have several options that you need to weigh. Each option will lead you to a different destination or goal. Alternatively, the crossroads suggest of a change in direction in your life.

My take:

I agree the reunion is my past burdens and regrets. With that I'm given crossroads, one out of the two classrooms I think symbolizes the path I believed I was meant to take. Yet, turns out I wasn't meant to enter either of them. My path is elsewhere in the unknown and I don't know how to get there. Losing hair along the way, I'm making way, I feel lost, burdened, and weak. The clock is ticking (time/age) but I am making progress making my way hence the escalator, as I look behind to seek guidance and approval (from the teacher) but only am met with silence and a judged look.

Bottom line: My path is different from others. Accept it. Go with it.

Friday, October 8, 2010 10/8/10

Dining Room
To dream that you are in a dining room, represents your quest for knowledge and understanding. You may be reaching an important decision in your life.

To dream of your knees, symbolize a level of support you may be receiving. It also indicates that you are feeling very emotional. Feelings of inadequacy and issues of power/control also come into play. You may have more than you can handle.

To see your legs in your dream, indicate that you have regained confidence to stand up and take control again. It also implies progress and your ability to navigate through life. If your legs are weak, then you may be feeling emotionally vulnerable. If you dream that you are crossing your legs, then it implies defensiveness or your close minded attitude.

If you see someone else's legs, then it represents your admiration for that person. You need to adopt some of the ways that this person does things.

To dream that your leg is wounded or crippled, signifies a lack of balance, autonomy, or independence in your life. You may be unable or unwilling to stand up for yourself. Perhaps you are lacking courage and refuse to make a stand. If your dream that one of your leg is shorter than the other, then it suggests that there is some imbalance in some aspect of your life. You are placing more emphasis and weight on one thing, while ignoring other important aspects that need attention as well. If you are a woman and dream that your legs are hairy, then it suggests that you are domineering or that you dominate in the relationship.
To dream that you have three or more legs, denotes that you are undertaking too many projects. You are taking on more things that you can handle. Some of these projects will prove counterproductive.

To dream that you are trapped or caught in a trap, suggests that you are feeling confined and restricted in your job, career, health, or a personal relationship. You may be in a rut and are tired of the same daily monotony.

To dream that someone is absent, especially if you expect to find them, suggests that you are looking for something that is already lost to you. Alternatively, you may be looking to fill a void in your life. Something is missing from your life

If you do not smoke in waking life and dream that you are smoking, then it indicates that you are trying to shield yourself and others against your emotions. You have trouble letting others in.�The dream may also be a metaphor for an addictive relationship or habit in your waking lif

To see a man in your dream, denotes the aspect of yourself that is assertive, rational, aggressive, and/or competitive. Perhaps you need to incorporate these aspects into your own character. If the man is known to you, then the dream may reflect you feelings and concerns you have about him.

If you are a woman and dream that you are in the arms of a man, then it suggests that you are accepting and welcoming your stronger assertive personality. It may also highlight your desires to be in a relationship and your image of the ideal man.
To see an old man in your dream, represents wisdom or forgiveness. The old man may be a archetypal figure who is offering guidance to some daily problem.

To see your husband in your dream, signifies the waking relationship with your husband and the unconscious feelings you have towards him. The dream may be trying to focus on hidden elements that you are not addressing in your waking life.
To dream that you have a husband (but you do not in your waking life), symbolizes some sort of partnership and/or commitment. Often, your dream husband represents the qualities of your father in which you projected onto this figure or the masculine side of your own personality.

To dream that you are abandoned, suggests that it is time to leave behind past feelings and characteristics that are hindering your growth. Let go of your old attitudes. A more direct and literal interpretation of this dream indicates you have a fear of being deserted, abandoned, or even betrayed. It may stem from a recent loss or a fear of losing a loved one. The fear of abandonment may manifest itself into your dream as part of the healing process and dealing with losing a loved one. It may also stem from unresolved feelings or problems from childhood. Alternatively, the dream indicates that you are feeling neglected or that your feelings are being overlooked. Perhaps the dream is a metaphor that you need to approach life with "reckless abandon" and live more freely.

To see your signature in your dream, represents your agreement and acceptance for a particular condition or situation. It is also an indication of your seal of approval. You are taking charge and accepting responsibility of a situation.

To dream that you are expelled, represents rejection. Consider what you did in your dream to get expelled and how it may parallel your actions in your waking life.

To dream that you are being denied something, suggests that you are not measuring up to the expectation of others. Alternatively, it signifies overindulgence. Consider what you are being denied for additional significance

To dream that darkness comes upon you, signifies failure in some work that you are attempting. Darkness is synonymous with ignorance, the unconscious, evil, death, and fear of the unknown. If the sun breaks through the darkness, then you will overcome your failures. If you feel safe in the dark, then it suggests that you like not knowing about certain things. As some might say, ignorance is bliss

To dream of pressure, symbolizes stress and tension in your life. You are feeling overwhelmed, overworked, or overloaded. The dream may be telling you to take it easy. Relax.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

dreams 10/7/10


To see or wear a sweater in your dream, symbolizes warmth and love. You have a strong connection to your family and home life. Alternatively, a sweater represents innocence, immaturity, and/or naive thinking


White represents purity, perfection, peace, innocence, dignity, cleanliness, awareness, and new beginnings. You may be experiencing a reawakening or have a fresh outlook on life. Alternatively, white refers to a clean, blank slate. Or it may refer to a cover-up. In Eastern cultures, white is associated with death and mourning.

White Clothes

To dream that all your clothes in the closet are white, suggests that you need to lighten up. You may have recently been feeling a little on the depressed side. Perhaps you were going through some crisis. It is time to move on. You need to change your attitude and get a grip of your inner emotions.


To see or wear a dress in your dream, represents a feminine outlook or feminine perspective on a situation. You are freely expressing your femininity.


Red is an indication of raw energy, force, vigor, intense passion, aggression, power, courage, impulsiveness and passion. The color red has deep emotional and spiritual connotations. Consider the phrase "seeing red" to denote anger. Alternatively, the color red in your dream indicates a lack of energy. You are feeling tired or lethargic.

Red is also the color of danger, violence, blood, shame, rejection, sexual impulses and urges. Perhaps you need to stop and think about your actions.


To dream of your own reflection in the mirror, suggests that you are pondering thoughts about your inner self. The reflection in the mirror is how you perceive yourself or how you want others to see you. You may be contemplating on strengthening and changing aspects of your character.


To dream that you are fat, signifies a fortunate change in your life. You are experiencing abundance in some area of your life. Alternatively, the dream means that you are being overindulgent. You need to learn moderation. A more literal interpretation of this dream is your fears of gaining weight. You have an skewed perception of your own image which may stem from low self-esteem


To see or watch Cinderella in your dream, indicates that a seemingly bad situation will work out for the best in the end. There is such thing as "happily ever after".

Thursday, September 30, 2010

i love dreammoods

To see construction in your dream, signifies a new surge of energy, growth, ambition and renewed confidence. It may also represent the rebuilding of your own life.

To dream that a building is under construction, suggests that you need to work on some aspect of yourself and better your mind or body.

To chew bubblegum in your dream, represents your overly carefree attitude. You need to take life a little more seriously.

To dream that you are chewing gum, suggests that you are unable to express yourself effectively. You may feel vulnerable. Alternatively, it symbolizes a sticky situation that you are involved in.
To dream that you are unable to get rid of your gum, suggests that you are experiencing some indecision, powerlessness or frustration. You may lack understanding in a situation or find that a current problem is overwhelming. The gum in your mouth is a metaphor for something that you are trying to process or digest. Perhaps you feel that you have bitten off more than you can chew.

To spit in your dream, signifies an aspect of yourself that you need to get rid of. Spitting represents anger, spite and contempt. Alternatively, the dream implies that you have something that you want to say. Spit it out!

To see a scale in your dream, signifies a decision that you need to make. Alternatively, the scales mean that you need to look at a situation from a rational perspective. Don't be so black and white about everything. Consider the gray area in the situation.

To dream that you are standing on a bathroom scale, represents concerns about your weight and your image. You are preoccupied with your physical shape and appearance. Perhaps you need to stop comparing yourself to the standards of others.
To see fish scales in your dream, represent your protective barrier. You have put up a defensive wall around yourself. If you are descaling a fish, then it means that you are starting to break down your emotional barriers.

To dream that you are weighing something, indicates that you are trying to determine the worth of something. Or perhaps you are trying to "weigh" your options in some waking situation. Consider the significance of what is being weighed.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

just 3 disney character quotes

"Giving up is for rookies." - Phil from Hercules

"The very things that hold you down are going to lift you up." - Timothy Mouse, Dumbo

"Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them!"-The Aristocats

Monday, September 27, 2010

How Creative Are You by Purely Paige

How Creative Are You?

Sunday, September 5, 2010|
I ran across some interesting articles on the common traits of a creative personalities. How many of these traits do you have? Are you a creative person?

1) Energetic - Creative people have a great deal of physical energy, but they're also often quiet and at rest. They work long hours, with great concentration, while projecting an aura of freshness and enthusiasm. . It seems that their energy is internally generated, due more to their focused minds than to the superiority of their genes. This does not mean that creative people are hyperactive, always "on." In fact, they rest often and sleep a lot. The important thing is that they control their energy; it's not ruled by the calendar, the dock, an external schedule. When necessary, they can focus it like a laser beam; when not, creative types immediately recharge their batteries. They consider the rhythm of activity followed by idleness or reflection very important for the success of their work. This is not a bio-rhythm inherited with their genes; it was learned by trial and error as a strategy for achieving their goals.

2) Wisdom & Childishness - Contrasting poles of wisdom and childishness. As Howard Gardner remarked in his study of the major creative geniuses of this century, a certain immaturity, both emotional and mental, can go hand in hand with deepest insights. Mozart comes immediately to mind.
People who bring about an acceptable novelty in a domain seem able to use well two opposite ways of thinking: the convergent and the divergent. Convergent thinking is measured by IQ tests, and it involves solving well-defined, rational problems that have one correct answer. Divergent thinking leads to no agreed-upon solution. It involves fluency, or the ability to generate a great quantity of ideas; flexibility, or the ability to switch from one perspective to another; and originality in picking unusual associations of ideas. These are the dimensions of thinking that most creativity tests measure and that most workshops try to enhance.

3)Extroverted and Inverted - Creative people tend to be both. We're usually one or the other, either preferring to be in the thick of crowds or sitting on the sidelines and observing the passing show. In fact, in psychological research, extroversion and introversion are considered the most stable personality traits that differentiate people from each other and that can be reliably measured. Creative individuals, on the other hand, seem to exhibit both traits simultaneously.

4) Humble and Proud - It is remarkable to meet a famous person who you expect to be arrogant or supercilious, only to encounter self-deprecation and shyness instead. Yet there are good reasons why this should be so. These individuals are well aware that they stand, in Newton's words, "on the shoulders of giants." Their respect for the area in which they work makes them aware of the long line of previous contributions to it, putting their own in perspective. They're also aware of the role that luck played in their own achievements. And they're usually so focused on future projects and current challenges that past accomplishments, no matter how outstanding, are no longer very interesting to them. At the same time, they know that in comparison with others, they have accomplished a great deal. And this knowledge provides a sense of security, even pride.

5) Not of a gender stereotype - When tests of masculinity/femininity are given to young people, over and over one finds that creative and talented girls are more dominant and tough than other girls, and creative boys are more sensitive and less aggressive than their male peers.This tendency toward androgyny is sometimes understood in purely sexual terms, and therefore it gets confused with homosexuality. But psychological androgyny is a much wider concept referring to a person's ability to be at the same time aggressive and nurturant, sensitive and rigid, dominant and submissive, regardless of gender. A psychologically androgynous person in effect doubles his or her repertoire of responses. Creative individuals are more likely to have not only the strengths of their own gender but those of the other one, too.

6) Open-ended - In order to explore many possibilities creative people tend to stay open-ended about answers or solutions until many have been produced.

7) Independent - Creative people crave and require a high degree of independence, resist dependence but often can thrive on beneficial inter-dependence.

8) Sensitive - Being sensitive helps creativeness in many ways:it helps with awareness of problems, it helps people sense things easier, it helps to cause people to care and commit themselves to challenges or causes.

9) Not motivated by money - As important as money is in most societies or economies it is not a driving force for a creative person. Generally they have an intuitive sense of the amount of money they basically need and once that need is fulfilled then money stops affecting or driving them.

10) Adaptable - Without the ability to adapt, people could not become creative. Creativity thrives on fresh ideas and sights. Often creative people travel or have a desire to travel.

11) Observant - Creative people constantly are using their senses: consciously, sub-consciously and unconsciously, evennon-consciously.

12) See possibilities - Average people, people who don't believe they are creative, people who are fearful or resistant to creativeness or creative thinking prefer to work within limits with limited possibilities. Creative people love to see many, even infinite possibilities in most situations or challenges.

13) Can synthesize correctly often intuitively - This is the ability to see the whole picture, see patterns, grasp solutions with only a few pieces, even with major pieces missing. Creative people trust their intuition, even if it isn't right 100% of the time.

14) Flexible - Creative People are very flexible when they are playing with ideas. They love to look at things from multiple points of view and to produce piles of answers, maybes, almosts, when other people are content with theanswer or solution.

15) Sense of humor - Laughter and creativity truly go together. Many experts believe that creativity can't occur without a touch of humor believing that seriousness tends to squelch creativeness or creative thinking.

16) Self-disciplined -This is one trait that appears to be ambiguous in highly creative people. They can appear disorganized, chaotic at times while at the same time they are highly self-disciplined. At the same time they greatly resist the discipline of other people who are not of like creative mind. Can be seen as careless and disorganized, especially with matters they consider trivial. Absentmindedness and forgetfulness are common. Can FIND ORDER in confusion and discover hidden meaning in information. Research and critical thinking are key tools for the creative person. Information is to the brain what food is to the stomach. So-called “writer’s block” or creative burnout almost always results from a lack of fresh information and having nothing meaningful to say.
17) Self-knowledgeable - During my life I have read biographies and biographic sketches or over 4,000 people, mostly considered to be the highest of the highly creatives in their respective fields. One of the few things they had in common is that they all kept some form of journal and were constantly striving to better understand themselves.

18) Specific interests - This is still another ambiguous trait of creative people. They appear on the surface to be interested in everything, while at the same time they have very specific interests that they commit their true energies and efforts to. By being willing to be exposed to seemingly unlimited interests they discover more about their particular specific interests.

19) Open-up easily - They often share much more personal information about themselves quicker than the average person. This enables them to easily connect with people on deeper level which often inspires their creativity.

20) Perfectionist - Not usually in life, but a perfectionist when they are creating something. Often this causes them to restart a project because it wasn't perfectly how they invisioned it, this can be very self-detrimental because it can cause them to get burnt out and procrastinate on their next project.