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Having the Right Weight Loss Mindset

Having the Right Weight Loss Mindset
Jenny Craig Article
August 2010, Volume 3

Being consistent with your eating and activity plans is essential for a positive Weight Loss Mindset. Setting realistic goals, staying positive and regularly rewarding yourself for your positive changes are all important to maintaining motivation and focus throughout your weight loss journey.

Visualize Your Success - Weight loss involves more than making healthy eating choices and increasing your activity, it also takes perseverance and creativity. First, think about your weight loss goal and make sure that it is specific, realistic and motivating for you. Keep in mind that you didn't gain your weight overnight, so do not expect to lose it overnight either. Aim for a weight loss of one to two pounds per week. Next, think about what your motivators are to lose weight - are you hoping to attain health benefits, have more energy or have a better outlook on life? Finally, visualize the future you. How do you look? How do you feel? Where are you and what are you wearing? Who are you with? This is the image you want to keep with you each and every day. Whenever your feel that your motivation is waning, hold that image in your mind and remind yourself that you deserve to be the best "you".

Track Your Progress - Self-monitoring (tracking your food intake, physical activity, feelings and measurements) can be a powerful motivational tool. There's nothing more inspiring than seeing your weight loss progress over time. This can also give you insight into how different aspects of your daily life (such as stress or differing activity levels) can impact your weight loss. To begin self-monitoring, write down what you eat each day, what type of activity you participate in and how you feel. Weigh yourself once a week, and for consistency, use the same scale, day and time. Take your measurements (chest, waist, hips) once a month. Also, taking photos throughout your weight loss journey, such as in the beginning, when you are halfway to your weight loss goal, and when you meet your goal is a great way to see your progress. Remember, you can use Jenny Craig's free online eTools or your Jenny Craig Menus instead of a notepad for extra convenience.

Reward Yourself - The small steps we take along the way are often just as important as reaching our final destination. For example, choosing to snack on an apple instead of a candy bar may seem like a small change but it is these types of changes that get us where we're going over time. Be sure to make a list of non-food rewards and treat yourself as you meet goals throughout your journey. Acknowledging each success along the way is vital. A small reward could be a new magazine subscription or a new set of workout clothes. Plan for bigger rewards when you reach certain milestones, such as when you reach your halfway weight goal. This is a major milestone to celebrate so plan something a little extravagant such as a facial, a full day at a spa or the golf course, or perhaps a new haircut. Whatever it is, make it special because you're worth it!

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