Monday, March 1, 2010

Jenny says stay positive!

March 2010, Volume 1

Succeed with a Positive Attitude

It is widely known that weight loss and fitness are directly linked to diet and exercise. But just knowing how to live a physically healthy lifestyle may not be enough to get you closer to your goals. Maintaining a positive attitude is a powerful tool that can help you turn your goals into reality. Use these tips to give yourself some mental momentum.

Find Your Support Team - Studies show that having the support of others can help you stay the weight loss course. If you find it challenging to stay on track with your meal plan or activity, it helps to have a friend to reach out to. That's why a key part of the Jenny Craig Program involves weekly meetings with your personal consultant to help keep you motivated and focused on success. It is also helpful to build a support system that includes your friends and family members.

Start with Small Steps - Be sure to set weight loss and fitness goals that are realistic for you to achieve. Keep your thoughts positive by realizing and accepting that it will take time to reach your goals in a safe and healthy way. Start by adding little goals to your routine as you go along. For instance, try a lower-calorie version of your favorite food. Set a goal to get 30 minutes a day of activities like walking, jogging, or hiking at least five days a week. Allow yourself a splurge or a non-food reward on the weekend for following your weekly plan. Learn more about your personal Weight Loss Mindset (and how to stay motivated) by taking Jenny Craig's YourStyle® Profile online - it's free!

Keep Track of Your Success - One great way to reinforce positive changes in your life is to keep a daily journal. Each day, write down what you ate and what activities you did – and don't forget to make notes about how you felt at those times. When you are reminded of what your goals are, and how far you have come towards reaching them, it can strengthen your resolve and give you a much needed boost. Remember, Jenny Craig's free eTools make it more convenient than ever to track your success.

Pat Yourself on the Back - Make a list of non-food related rewards to work towards and, as you reach your goals, reward yourself! Get that new set of workout clothes you have been wanting. Schedule a manicure, or get the latest best-selling book to celebrate how hard you have been working. Maintain a positive mindset as you strive toward your goals and have more fun on your journey to a slimmer, healthier you. Want some fun suggestions? Check out our list of ways to pamper yourself for $5 or less!

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