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Target Training: Deciphering your Target Receipt 10/14

Target Training: Deciphering your Target Receipt


The Target receipts can be a little confusing! They don’t seem to consistently have the same pattern when you use a manufacturer coupon, some times is shows up underneath the item you bought and then other times all the manufacturer coupons will show up at the bottom of your receipt. Here are a few examples of some Target receipts.

Whenever you see an item with an arrow next to it, it means that this is a sale price, you will often see an arrow next to holiday markdowns as well. The holiday and seasonal markdowns are usually the ones that don’t have an individual red clearance sticker on them, they usually just have a sign announcing they are 50% or 75% off (these are usually the Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc type clearance).


  • If you buy several of the exact same item, you will find the total for all those items on the right hand side of the receipt
  • Notice, the total for the Oral B floss was $1.94 (just underneath you will see the individual cost, in this case is 2 @ $ .97)
  • The 2 blush items I bought are not totaled together, because I bought 2 different shades.

Sale Items:

  • You can see that I bough 2 packages of Skittles at $2.00
  • The receipt shows a total of $4.00
  • The receipt also shows the amount I saved from regular prices (in this case $1.18 off two)

Target Store Coupons:

  • The Target store coupons are usually deducted just under the item you purchased
  • It will adjust the price of the item to what the total would be after the Target coupon is applied
  • You can see in the receipt at the top, I bought Target tissue at $ .99, the total shows $ .49, because I used a $ .50/1 Target coupon
  • If you are to return an item you bought with a Target coupon, you will receive the adjusted price back (in the case of the tissue $ .49)

Manufacturer Coupons:

  • The decuctions for the manufacturer coupons will usually end up at the bottom of your receipt (you can see all the coupons that were deducted at the bottom of the receipt at the very top of this post).

  • Other times, you will find the manufacturer coupon is deducted just under the product you purchased, and not at the bottom of the recipt. (I have no idea why this isn’t consistent, why sometimes it’s under the item you buy and other times it is all at the bottom of your receipt).
Items that have a FREE Target gift Card:
  • The section on your receipt will be titled “Special Promotion”
  • The total of these items will be reduced by the cost of the FREE gift card
  • They add in the price of the gift card when they scan it & then it gets subtracted off
  • All items must be returned for a FULL refund (including the gift card)
  • If you return an item without the gift card, your refund will be adjusted down to the price you paid minus the gift card
Holiday/Seasonal Clearance items:
  • The discounted price will show up on the right hand side
  • You will see the amount you saved and the regular price under neath


  • Try to watch as you checkout, if things aren’t ringing up properly or the coupons are being deducted at the correct amount, politely point it out to the cashier.
  • Have patience! I know this isn’t always easy when the person behind you is “huffing and puffing” or the cashier isn’t very knowledgeable.
  • If they say they can’t accept a coupon for a certain reason and you were only buying the item because it was a great deal, have them take it off your order (I have no problem removing items that are not a good deal!)
  • If you can’t keep an eye on things at the checkout, check your receipt before you leave.
  • If you are done checking out and there was a mistake, you will need to go to the customer service counter to have it fixed.
  • Sometimes, if it’s a small mistake, I just let it go. It’s not worth 5-10 minutes of frustration just to save an extra buck.

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