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Target Training: Introduction 10/10/11

Target Training: Introduction


Often, people will ask me what my favorite store is for saving money, and I always reply “Target”. In response to my devoted response, I frequently hear, “Target? I can never get out of that store without spending at least $100.” I will admit, if I shopped like a “normal” consumer my receipts from Target would be a lot bigger than they are because Target has some really cute stuff! But, as my husband likes to points out, I am not a “normal” shopper. (I am certain his characterization is a loving compliment.)

In any event, I have been bargain shopping and couponing at Target for a long time now, but I can still remember when I visited Target for the very first time. When the Federal Way, WA Target opened its doors over twenty years ago (across the street from where it is now) my love affair began. In fact, because my boyfriend had a job there, I actually got to shop at the store BEFORE it opened to the general public at a special “friends and family” event. Guess what? That boyfriend became my husband! Can you really blame me? The man got an employee discount! You don’t think I was going to let that get away, do you? (I mean my husband, not the employee discount…well, mostly).

Recently, I received an email from Faith that echoes how I feel about shopping at Target. Her email said, “I used to hate shopping at Target because I could never find any good deals. But, I realize now that I just wasn’t shopping the right way!” I don’t know that I have ever “hated” Target, but I will admit that I am much smarter about the way I shop at Target now than in the early years of my life, and it is true, to get the best deals, there is a “right way” to shop Target.

So, what is the secret to finding deals and not spending a lot of money at Target? Focus and discipline are the keys. You have to change the way you shop by concentrating your efforts. You must learn to go straight for those clearance racks and end-caps, that’s where the good stuff is. If you end up meandering through the store looking at all the bright and shiny new stuff they just brought in, you will probably end up with a full-priced comforter and matching pillow in your cart. I am not saying that getting the latest and the greatest stuff is necessarily a bad thing, but with a little discipline and training, you can usually find something just as amazing that has been marked down 50%, or maybe even 75% off!

I already share my weekly coupon match-ups with you every week, which is one great way you can save money. But in an effort to spread the Target joy, I will be introducing a new series that will help you learn some additional ways to stretch your dollars by shopping those clearance rack and thinking outside the box. Over the next month I will share some of the tips and tricks that will have you joining the Target fan club in no time. We will start at the very beginning and cover the basics for those that are new to coupon and bargain shopping at Target, and then we will move to more creative strategies. I will be focusing a lot on clearance shopping and teaching you the techniques for how to find and leverage the great deals. That is where you can save some serious money, and have fun doing it. You may even find yourself giddy and giggling after your Target trips as you leave the ranks of the “normal” shoppers, and join the ranks of the Target Talented.

Here is what is in store for the next four weeks:

20 Days of Target Training Series

  • Week One: We will go over the basics of Shopping at Target, Using Coupons, and how to decipher those crazy Target Receipts.
  • Week Two: We will learn about Price Matching, Price Adjustments, and everything you could ever want to know about Target Clearance.
  • Week Three: We will break down the clearance deals by each department and help you learn the days when things get marked down.
  • Week Four: This week will be lots of fun! I will be sharing information on the Dollar Spot and creative shopping ideas for several departments. Plus, I will share ways you can earn FREE Target gift cards.

I hope you will all join in! Whether your Target love affair is just beginning or you are a seasoned Target pro, the Target Training Series is sure to be a lot of fun! If you have any great Target tips I encourage you to share them. Of course, photos of your coupon deals are always welcome, so feel free to post them on the Thrifty and Thriving Facebook wall or email them to me. The Target Training Series is about to begin!

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