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Target Training: Where to find Target Store Coupons 10/12/11

Target Training: Where to find Target Store Coupons


You know that Target will allow you to use both a Target store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on each item you purchase. Today I am sharing all of the the places you should be able to find Target Store Coupons.

Target Website: This is probably the most common place to obtain Target store coupons, you can print them directly from You will usually be allowed to print 2 coupons per computer.

More times than not, Target will update and add new coupons on a Sunday morning. It seems to me that we get a large amount of new coupons every other week. I do my best to alert you when new Target printable coupons pop up. It’s important to print any clothing coupons right away, sometimes they only last about 24 hours before they have reached their print limit and they are taken down.

Sunday Inserts: You can occasionally find Target store coupons in the coupon inserts that come in the Sunday paper. Even though these are found in the coupon inserts, they still can be combined with a manufacturer coupon. You can tell if it a Target store coupon, because it will say “Target Coupon” at the top rather than manufacturer coupon.

Coupon Mailers: Target randomly sends out coupon mailers. Sadly, there is no magic Target coupon mailing list to sign up for, these appear to be sent at random. I have received a couple, but then I have also not gotten some when I know others did. The good news is, that a lot of times some of the coupons that are in these mailers usually end up on their website to print.

Coupons that Print at Checkout: Don’t ignore the coupons that the cashier hands you when you checkout, there can be some great coupons in there! Since these are Target store coupons they also can be combined with manufacturer coupons. I can remember when I received a Target coupon for a FREE Willy Wonka chocolate bar. SCORE!

Mobile Coupons: The Target Mobile coupons are considered store coupons. If you have text messaging on a web-enabled phone, you can sign up for Target mobile coupons. To use your mobile coupons, you pull them up on your phone at checkout, and have the cashier scan the barcode. If you have a hard time getting them to scan make sure you have your phone set on the brightest setting, they scan much easier this way.

Target mobile coupons are sent to your phone every other week, they usually arrive on a Saturday. If you deleted the text with the coupons, you can text the word OFFERS to 827438 and they will be sent to you again.

Mobile coupons can only be used once total, not once per transaction. If an offer has been redeemed it will show a message next to the item in red that says “Redeemed on 10/3/11″ (or whatever date you redeemed it).

Next up in the training: We will be going over their coupon policy, and how to get the best deals when using coupons at Target.

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